Richard L Shenk Photography
artist's statement
open quote
Shadows interest me;
shapes speak to me. close quote
Many think of photography as a relatively passive exercise. For me, it has always been an adventure, and a great challenge. I'm not interested in merely "capturing" an image, but adding something to it. In my process of image making, I aspire to transform the common, or even unsightly, into images that are compelling and attractive. I've always believed that beauty is everywhere and that it is ours to perceive. The idea of creating value out of something that was not there before drives my creativity. In this way, my camera and other photographic tools take on a larger-than-life quality - a magical quality. They allow me to go beyond the day-to-day mode of viewing things, thereby giving others access to an entirely new perspective through my images. In doing this, I am gratified to know that I have created something that is new and unique.

Richard L Shenk Photography